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Incinerators can be useful additions to your garden. They can be used to safely remove all sorts of general garden waste from your home, primarily; twigs, hedge cuttings and trimmings, branches and leaves. So, if you are looking to add an incinerator to your backyard, you may be wondering which type of incinerator you should be looking for...

The Benefits of Galvanized Incinerators

Galvanized metal is the perfect material for incinerators as it provides a rust-free coat the t base metal.  Your incinerator starts its life usually as a simple steel or iron incinerator. It is then coated with a protective layer of zinc. The zinc becomes a sacrificial metal, which bears the brunt of the extensive heat that is present within an incinerator. This then prolongs the life of the steel or iron underneath it. You will never get the same rust free results from painting, powder coating or applying a layer of enamel to an incinerator. 
Industrial  galvanizing is also a relatively cheap way of preparing metal meaning that the product costs won’t be greatly increased, despite the aforementioned benefits.
So, a  galvanized incinerator should be a relatively cheap and long-lasting solution to garden waste burning.


The Benefits of Dustbin Incinerators

They appear just like a normal metallic dustbins, but with a number of customisations. All dustbin incinerators will have ventilation holes to allow airflow.  However, not all of them have will have lids with a chimney-like feature which aids in both better air-flow and controls the smoke dispersal somewhat.
There are also many open style incinerators- ones that either resemble a large cage-sided square or a waste paper basket.  These types of burner do burn quickly (due to the amount of oxygen present around the waste) and produce a more raging fire. However, there is nothing to contain the burning materials so be aware. 
Dustbin incinerators burn more slowly than an average open incinerator, but do have added safety features. Fires don’t rage inside of these incinerators because there is less oxygen present to stoke the flames. This means that you can leave the incinerator working away unattended for longer periods of time, safe in the knowledge that it will continue to burn in a controlled manner, with the flames contained inside. 
You can buy galvanized dustbin incinerators which combine the benefits of both incinerator types. Whichever incinerator you choose to buy, make sure that you purchase one that has good ventilation. Don’t go with a cheaper deal if it doesn’t provide you with enough safety. Also, be aware that you can’t use an incinerator to burn all types of waste.


Regardless of the type you go for, please use them responsibly and dont leave them unattended.