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How To Use A Garden Incinerator Safely & Effectively

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Author : Jenny
Update time : 2021-06-07 10:35:44
How To Use A Garden Incinerator Safely & Effectively
When working with fire and heat it is important to be extremely safe to prevent injury to yourself or others as well as damage to property. Your incinerator will come with safety instructions and you need to read and follow these. Basic common sense goes a long way but here are a few points to consider when using a garden incinerator.
Understand that the incinerator gets extremely hot, much hotter than a fire in a barbecue for example. The fire is contained in a relatively small drum with good airflow to effectively burn the garden refuse. They have a metal surface that conducts heat very well.
Before you start to fill the incinerator, find a safe place to position it. It needs to be in a flat clear area away from any other flammable objects or material. Makes sure it is on solid firm ground so that it cannot fall over and that there are no tree branches or any other objects above the incinerator.
Be sure that there are no children or animals nearby.
Do not use the incinerator if it is very windy or at times when it is extremely dry. Both of these increase the risk of a potentially dangerous problem.
Dress appropriately. Tough boots, thick gloves and a long sleeve shirt (nothing thin or nylon) are advisable
Put the lid on when you are done and leave it there. Resist the temptation to open it and add more while the fire is still blazing. Rather wait for the fire to burn down before adding additional material. Use a long metal rod or poker to mix and push the new material into the incinerator.
Start the fire with dry sticks or other material and avoid using petrol, oil, or other accelerants. They are not necessary and could cause problems.
Ensure you have water nearby in case of a problem. Watch the incinerator while it works and do not leave it unattended while it is operating.
When used correctly a garden incinerator is extremely safe. Provided you follow the safety instructions and these basic guidelines you will not have any problems.