75L round large iron flip garbage can leaf incinerator


Product Description

Item No. GI-75
Item  Name  75L round large iron flip garbage can leaf incinerator
Material: Galvanized steel
Size: 45*38.5*79cm
Capacity: 75L
MOQ 1000pcs
Color nature/silver
Delivery time 30-45days
OEM : Yes

Extra Holes quicker burning
Metal legs and strong riveted handles
Chimney, feet and metal lid included
Easy to assemble legs and handles
Capacity: 75/90/100 Litre
 Suite for outdoor,Helps manager garden waste as ideal for burning all types of garden rubbish. 



Reduce yard and household waste with our handy Garden Incinerator. You'll put less in your local landfill while reducing household and yard waste to easily disposed ashes. 

Modeled after incinerators commonly used in Europe, ours Galvanized Garden Incinerator is a simple design with side holes for oxygen to feed the fire, a double reinforced bottom and built-in chimney in the removable top. 

Place it on a fire-resistant surface such as a concrete, slate or brick patio. Perfect for destroying financial and other papers, yard waste such as leaves, cut grass and more.

This product is not meant to encourage new or excessive burning habits, rather to offer a controlled, manageable incineration of items you already burn. It should only to be used in compliance with local burn ordinances.

• Durable metal garden incinerator can
• Safely destroys yard, garden and household waste
• Galvanized metal with double reinforced bottom
• Burns organic matter quickly and efficiently
• Built-in chimney and removable top
• Destroy leaves, cut grass, papers, statements and more


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