Series No Power Roof Fan


Product Information

Performance introduction

TG Series No Power Roof Fan developed per the energy saving policy to make use of the nature sources.Its top feature is so need power,only use the air flow as drive power.With much senible,can run all time,no need power,no need to repair,energy saving,no operation cost after installation.

It is make of stainless steel material with features as antirust,anticorrosive,resistance to acid and alkali.It is widely used for workshops,painting plants,planting workshops,tooling workshops,warehouse,die casting workshops,generator rooms,warehouse,etc.

The main parameters

Type(No) External diameter(mm) Throat radius(mm) Wind sped(m/s) Blast Capacity(m³/h)
300 420 300 3.2-16 298-1100
500 620 500 3.2-16 824-3047
600 750 600 3.2-16 1188-4393
800 880 680 3.2-16 1526-5643